Stress in the workplace – A ticking time bomb


Pre-Covid statistics indicated workplace stress was already at an epidemic level. The pandemic created a ripple effect of global distress which we are still dealing with.  Combine this with extreme world events including war, poverty, extreme weather changes/impacts this means that stress is off the scale whether we’re directly or indirectly involved.  The stress levels […]

The Subtle Signs Of Gaslighting Which Will Help You Take Your Power Back

subtle signs of gaslighting

Summary Gaslighting in Relationships Poor quality relationships cause a lot of stress. Whether that’s the relationship you have with yourself or with others. Abusive/ toxic relationships which continue are highly likely to create chronic stress and poor mental and physical health, including but not, exclusively PTSD. You can be embroiled at any time during child […]

How to fix a toxic relationship (not how you think)


Summary – How To Fix A Toxic Relationship Being in a toxic relationship can be a confusing and awful place to be. It is difficult to identify if you are in a toxic relationship and at what point the relationship stops being toxic and starts becoming abusive.  It could be toxic if you are in […]

How to help someone with an addiction (and yourself, too)

how to help someone with an addiction header

Summary Addiction is a Cycle As someone with personal experience, if someone in your life is struggling with addiction, I know that it can be difficult to know where to turn. There is the constant worry about the wellbeing of your friend or family member, the lack of information and understanding about what addiction is […]

The Symptoms of Stress (Physical & Emotional)- How Stressed Are You?


The Symptoms Of Stress Summary What Is Stress Common Symptoms Of Stress Physical Symptoms Of Stress Emotional Symptoms Of Stress Different Types Of Stress Acute / Chronic  Adverse Childhood Experiences Chronic Unpredictable Trauma & Stress  The Development Of Stress What is Stress? Despite stress being a commonly used word which describes feeling unwell or under […]