What’s so bad about stress? 

Stress is tension, pressure, strain, overdrive, dysfunction and over-load within your body. Excessive amounts cause general and localised physical pain not only to your muscles and joints but across the whole of your body.

We are all ‘guilty’ of either ignoring or not noticing the obvious signs of stress. Continuing to operate in ‘overload’ mode will cause a mechanical malfunction plus a plethora of on-going of ‘symptoms’. In short, your body will age, degenerate, weaken, buckle, groan and creak.

Your mind plays a big part in this. It’s the driving force behind every action you take. When you take control, do what needs to be done to not just temporarily improve but rehab and ‘fix’ the problem you will feel better, both physically and emotionally

What does the course entail?

First Aid for Stress is not counselling or treatment. It’s an education! The vital information about your mind and body made so simple a child could understand.

Each unit is made up of focused reading, reaffirming audio and video material and guided exercises for you to complete in your own time. We will also have bi-weekly group discussions and I encourage you to participate in the community forum.

How long will I need to spend on it every week?

The techniques in First Aid for Stress are designed to become a part of your everyday life, no element is very time consuming but you should be thinking about what you learn often. We estimate you should be dedicating 3-6 hours each week to ensure you have time to absorb all the information and engage with the exercises.

How long does the course last?

The course is designed to be taken over a period of 20 weeks. It is important to take your time and implement small changes while checking in regularly. This is how we will create lasting change!

What changes can I expect to see?

First Aid for Stress is about you taking control so we make no promises – it’s all about how much work you put in. If you stick with it and are dedicated to change, you will feel healthier and happier in your mind, body and spirit.

How often will I speak with you Dawn?

We will have bi-weekly group discussions and I’m also an active member of our forum.

Why can I only start the course at a set point in the year?

Committing to change is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re doing it alone. We have set start dates for First Aid for Stress so that you are part of a cohort that help to keep each other engaged and accountable but also make the experience a lot more enjoyable!

What does First Aid for Stress help with & how does First Aid for Stress work?

First Aid for stress can’t solve all problems, nor is it designed to.

First Aid for Stress is designed to inspire, motivate and educate – it’s a short term, and a very practical coaching program.

The aim of First Aid for Stress is to help you, to help yourself.

In other words, to equip you with the necessary skills, you become your own health and well-being change activator and  therapist.

And that’s beneficial for several reasons… Being able to put into practice the skills and techniques you learn on the First Aid for Stress, you are able to increase your confidence and ability to cope with a variety of challenging or difficult situations.

This means that you become self -resilient.

You grow and expand the skills you require meaning that you do not need endless talk therapy/ counselling to keep yourself on an even keel during stormy times.

A HUGE benefit with First Aid for Stress, is that regardless of whether you’re facing a particular situation or problem, or whether you’re just living your day to day life, the skills that you learn will inspire your confidence and courage and allow you to feel better in yourself.  And notice an increase of your confidence and self esteem.. 

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