First Aid for Stress – Foundation Level. 8-Week Online Group Coaching.

Foundations – my 8-week group membership program (including units 1 – 4*) with weekly (online) coaching/ teaching PLUS a weekly drop-in question and answer session. Also included 1-1 individual coaching with Dawn to enhance your success.

Great for people who are:

  • Experiencing troublesome or overwhelming thoughts.
  • Have experienced a traumatic past that affects life today.
  • Looking for an alternative to counselling or prescriptions
  • Stressed. Burnt-out. Emotionally drained. Anxious. Fed up. Depressed. Physically drained.
  • Suffering negative emotions.
  • Suffering panic attacks.

Hi, I’m Dawn Symons, your change activator and coach, here to inspire you to reach your goals and transform whole aspects of your life. I am going to find the things that are stopping you or holding you back from living a calmer, happier healthier life. We’ll consider your relationships, your environment, your body, your mind, your finances and so much more across the board of your life.

I’m going to teach you emotional literacy and healthiness and how to use your brain as a problem-solving machine. To create happiness and space in your life AND I’m going to methodically raise your mindset, to help you set your intention, learn something new or to re-learn and re-apply!

Together, we’ll raise your awareness, to notice things that are happening in your life that are unhelpful, automatic or things which you’ve never paid attention to or the things that you’ve avoided.

We’ll look at your mindset to see how is it impacting your life. I know, just like me and my clients, that you’ll have a bunch of aha moments, which can be sobering, but also really good. They help you forge ahead with the action steps, those are the very things that will result in success and change.

First Aid for Stress – Foundations is an online, 8-week group coaching course

  • Introduction and overview
  • Self-evaluation
  • Plan of Action
  • Who’s life is it anyway
  • Who’s body is it anyway
  • Units 1 – 4 (see here for detail)
    Free Bonus – Unit 3 + an extra webinar – introduction to The Antidote for Stress.
    People who pay in full get a free invite to ‘A Day with Dawn’ workshop valued at £120

– 1 x 30 min 1-1 call with coaching Dawn (after booking)
– 1 x weekly live 90 min class
– 1 x live Q & A
– All course content – video, digital pdf and hard copy book, plus printable exercise sheets and
– Entry to ‘fafs club’ our member-only community
– Meditation audios