First Aid For Stress – Project Phoenix

Phoenix; Group Coaching Program – The First Aid For Stress is a simple yet profound explanation of how your body works. A blueprint for activating change. I know it will emotionally detox your DNA, relieve physical symptoms of discomfort and pain and bring more joy to your life.


This is Dawn’s signature program; you will access modules 1 – 8 of the First Aid For Stress Blueprint in this program. You’ll come away with the essential information you need to start healing from chronic fatigue, stress, burnout & ME. This program is a group coaching program that you can attend live or via Zoom.


Program Dates:



Limited Capacity; 6 people — ***Book now to secure your place***


Phoenix Program


Reprogram limiting beliefs

Manage chronic fatigue / long Covid / ME symptoms

Uncover the blocks holding you back

Access the FULL Blueprint

Become an expert on your own body, mind & spirit



Now is the time to banish your demons

and start living an elevated life.


ALL I ask is, are you ready?


Imagine becoming the happiest version of yourself…


Not just for yourself, your family, friends, and everyone around you.

Imagine being free of your old beliefs and self-judgment of not being good enough. Not clever enough. Not lovable or wanted.


Imagine being free of the fear and worry of what others think about you.


Imagine being free of the fear of failure. Free of the feeling of being a fraud. Free of procrastination. Free of toxicity.


Free to be you and to LOVE being YOURSELF.


Imagine how it will feel when you celebrate your accomplishments, whether large or small.

How it will feel to self-reflect positively, see your growth, experience self-worth and pride, and learn there are no mistakes.


Imagine enjoying receiving compliments from strangers and friends alike. Imagine feeling valued at work and achieving your goals.


Difficult to imagine? I was like that for years!


I spent so much of my life stressed, anxious and depressed because ‘I wasn’t good enough or ‘not as good as others.


I thought everyone else knew what they were doing and that I was a fraud because I didn’t have the answers. I couldn’t get things right.


Can you imagine how it feels to recognise the lies you have held as the truth? The lies that have caused you such trauma and turbulence, such ill-health, stress, anxiety, failed relationships – such sadness and pain.


If you can’t, then let me tell you!


Once you have spotlighted the lies and replaced them with the truth, you are free to experience a new way of being. Seriously!


It’s unbelievable. LIFE CHANGING.


And you know what?


I’ve got a system to prove it to you right from the moment we start

working together that what I am saying is true!


That means that anytime you forget, you can prove it to yourself all over again!

As a result, you CAN change your experience of life.


You feel better REGARDLESS of your current situation.


You transform your life.


You CAN be happy, healthy, light and free.


You ALREADY are!


How The Phoenix Program Is Delivered:


– 1 x 30 min 1-1 call with coaching Dawn (after the booking)

– 1 x weekly live 90 min class

– 1 x live Q & A

– All course content – video, digital pdf and hard copy book, plus printable exercise sheets and


– Entry to ‘fafs club’, our member-only community

– Meditation audios

Dawn is an experienced facilitator; Dawn will adapt all sessions to each group for a personalised experience. So if you want to make a positive change in your life, take the step for your health and wellbeing and join the foundation’s program.


Reclaim your vitality today!

Reprogram limiting beliefs

Heal from chronic fatigue

Uncover the blocks holding you back

Access the Blueprint

Become an expert on your own body, mind & spirit






Program Cost: £1,900




Payment Options:


Installments: £500 deposit

            £700 2 weeks before program start date

            £700 4 weeks before program end date


Pay in Full:

**Free invite to ‘A Day with Dawn’ workshop valued at £120 as a thank you for paying in full.