First Aid For Stress – Project Phoenix

Introducing “First Aid for Stress – Project Phoenix”

Unveiling Your Blueprint for Emotional Freedom and Vibrant Living

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, or chronic fatigue? Are you tired of battling burnout and the weight of life’s burdens? “First Aid for Stress – Project Phoenix” is your sanctuary, your refuge, your first step towards a life filled with joy and vitality.

Dawn’s Signature Program – Your Path to Transformation

In this unique group coaching program, you’ll embark on an enlightening journey through modules 1 to 8 of the “First Aid For Stress Blueprint.” By the end of the program, you will possess the essential knowledge required to heal from chronic fatigue, stress, burnout, and ME. Best of all, you can participate in this transformative experience either in person or via Zoom.

Program Dates: Upcoming sessions – Reserve your spot now!

Limited Capacity:  Only 6 spots are available – Act quickly to secure your place!

🔥 Phoenix Program Highlights🔥

✨ Reprogram Limiting Beliefs:  Break free from the shackles of self-doubt and self-judgment that have held you back for far too long.

✨ Manage Chronic Fatigue & More:  Discover techniques to manage chronic fatigue, long Covid, and ME symptoms effectively.

✨ Uncover the Blocks:  Identify and eliminate the barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential.

✨ Access the FULL Blueprint:  Gain in-depth insights into your body, mind, and spirit, becoming your own expert.

✨ Banish Your Demons:  It’s time to bid farewell to your inner demons and rise to a new level of living.

🔥 Are You Ready for a Transformation?🔥

Close your eyes and envision the happiest version of yourself – not only for your sake but for your family, friends, and everyone in your orbit. Imagine shedding the old beliefs that once held you captive. Picture yourself free from the fear of judgment and the weight of external expectations.

Envision a life unburdened by the fear of failure, impostor syndrome, and procrastination. A life free from toxic influences, where you can truly be yourself and love every part of it.

Think about how it will feel to acknowledge your accomplishments, big and small. Imagine the joy of self-reflection, witnessing your growth, embracing self-worth and pride, and learning from every experience, without the burden of mistakes.

Visualize receiving compliments from both strangers and friends, feeling valued at work, and achieving your goals with ease. If this sounds difficult to fathom, don’t worry – Dawn understands because she’s been there too.

🌟 Dawn’s Personal Journey🌟

Dawn, the guiding light behind “First Aid for Stress – Project Phoenix,” has experienced the transformation herself. She spent years plagued by stress, anxiety, and depression, feeling inadequate and overwhelmed by the successes of others. It was a relentless cycle of self-doubt.

Can you imagine the weight of the lies you’ve believed? Lies that have taken a toll on your well-being, your relationships, and your happiness?

If you can’t imagine it, let Dawn show you. Once you expose these lies and replace them with the truth, your life will never be the same. It’s unbelievable. It’s life-changing.

🚀 The Phoenix Program’s Promise 🚀

Here’s the exciting part: Dawn has a system that will prove the transformation is real from day one. This means you can remind yourself of the truth whenever you need it. You have the power to change your life, regardless of your current circumstances.

You will feel better, and you will transform your life. You will be happy, healthy, light, and free, just as you already are.

🌠 How The Phoenix Program Works 🌠

– 📞 1 x 30-min 1-1 call with Coach Dawn (scheduled after booking)
– 📅 Weekly 90-min live classes
– ❓ Live Q&A sessions
– 🎥 Access to all course materials, including videos, digital PDFs, a hard copy book, printable exercise sheets, and a journal
– 🌐 Membership in the exclusive ‘fafs club’ community
– 🧘 Guided meditation audios

Dawn is an experienced facilitator who tailors each session to the unique needs of your group. If you’re ready to make a positive change in your life, prioritize your health and well-being, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, then this program is for you.

🌟 Reclaim Your Vitality Today! 🌟

Reprogram your limiting beliefs, heal from chronic fatigue, uncover the obstacles holding you back, and gain access to the Blueprint for a better, brighter you.

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🌈 Program Cost: £1,900

Payment Options:

– Installments:
– £500 deposit
– £700 two weeks before the program start date
– £700 four weeks before the program end date

– Pay in Full: Receive a free invite to ‘A Day with Dawn’ workshop** valued at £120 as a thank-you for paying in full.

It’s time to ignite the transformation within you. Don’t miss this opportunity to reclaim your vitality and rediscover the joy of living. Reserve your spot in “First Aid for Stress – Project Phoenix” now!