Group Coaching Programme

Facilitated by Dawn Symons, your change activator and coach, here to support and guide you to reach your goals and transform your well-being. Dawn will help you find the things stopping you or holding you back from living a calmer, happier, healthier life.

What makes the First Aid for Stress program different from the rest?

It’s a blueprint for activating change. I know it will emotionally detox your DNA, relieve physical symptoms of discomfort and pain and bring more joy to your life.

If you are not ready for the whole program, the foundation program is the place to start. Dawn
teaches you modules 1 – 4 of the First Aid For Stress Blueprint in this program. You come away with the essential information you need to start healing from chronic fatigue, stress, burnout and ME.

This program is a group coaching program that you can attend live or via Zoom.

How First Aid for Stress Helps

Start taking care of you TODAY!

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Upcoming Program Dates

The foundations program runs for six weeks in total – the next upcoming start date will be:

8th January - 12th February 2023

Learn to recognise and deal with your negative thoughts

Access the blueprint and reprogram limiting beliefs

Deal with stress in a healthy, productive way

Avoid or manage chronic fatigue / Long Covid / ME symptoms

Uncover the blocks holding you back

Learn to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself with weekly mindfulness sessions.

Become an expert on your own body, mind & spirit

Learn to deal with someone else’s negative thoughts, judgments, beliefs or criticism

Coaching with Dawn Symons

Dawn will help you consider your relationships, environment, body, mind, finances, and so much more across the board of your life.

She will teach you emotional literacy and healthiness and how to use your brain as a problem- solving machine. To create happiness and space in your life AND she will help you methodically raise your mindset, to help you set your intention, learn something new or to re-learn and re- apply.

Dawn will raise your awareness to notice things in your life that are unhelpful or automatic AND highlight areas that you’ve never paid attention to or have avoided.

You will look at your mindset to see how it impacts your life. You’ll have a bunch of aha moments, which can be sobering but can also lead to the breakthroughs and transformation you are looking for.

They help you forge ahead with the action steps; those are the very things that will result in success and change.

We can now empower ourselves to break the cycle of unhealthy stress. We must learn to manage our stress & also find healthy ways to communicate, set boundaries and deal with the other people in our lives healthily.

Content covered in the Foundations Program

Introduction and overview


Plan of Action

Whose life is it anyway

Whose body is it anyway

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