Health Coach for Body and Mind – Dawn Symons


How I became a health coach so that I can help my clients transform mentally and physically in the most powerful way. 

I’m here to talk to you about my healing journey which also became my profession as a health coach, massage therapist and reiki healer.

Back in the 1980s, I studied psychology and I went on to study nursing. Previous to my studies I’d already heard something being discussed in the field of Psychology about how the body worked and through the people that I met in the hospitals when I was working with them as a nurse, I uncovered something, something that was unseen, but something relevant.  And it sent me on a very long journey of healing and transformation.  

Sometime later I contracted thyroid cancer and I also trained as a counsellor.  During this training I became more self-aware, I realized that if I was to talk to people who were struggling,  I needed to be non-judgemental so that I could help them.  I was able to look at my shadow and realized that there was judgment there that I needed to heal, so I carried on searching and learning more to heal this in myself so I could work with my clients even better.  I learned Reiki. I went on to learn a plethora of complementary therapies and indeed practice them.

During this time, I found that once again my attention went back to stress. Stress was something that I’d always dealt with and suffered from.  I knew that stress had a profound effect on my physical and emotional mental health.

It was at this time that I realized that I had M.E.,  and I knew that I needed to back-engineer how my body and mind worked so that I could figure out what had gone wrong and fully recover from my M.E. This took me on a 12, 13-year learning curve. You might call it a research curve, it was important so that I could understand deeply what was happening to me.

Then, back in 2014, I became deeply concerned about something I learnt.  I learnt that things that happen in our childhood when we’re unhappy, when we’re feeling alone and when life is tough, affect us into adulthood. And I realized that my childhood had affected me and that this is the same for many, many people.

Changes occur in the body and those changes offer a pathway of who we’re going to be mentally and physically as an adult or into adulthood. And I could see straight away where my M.E had come from and I was quite shocked. By this time my M.E. Had become so bad I was bedridden. I could barely walk 30 steps, and I spent 18 months in a very depressed state trying to figure out how I could get back to work, how I could generate an income, and more importantly, how I could get well.

I have experienced a lot in my own life and I connect to people who’ve had mental health issues, physical health issues, people who’ve been sexually attacked, people who’ve suffered P T S D, anxiety and panic attacks, and indeed people who have lost their home and become homeless. Due to changes in their ability to work due to ill health or through no fault of their own.

Through all that I could see that there was specific information that I needed to hang onto and to marinade in, information which then became second nature, it became how I think, feel and behave and as I implemented the changes, there were many, and I began to feel better.

Life’s not easy, and my biggest fear is that the difficulties that we face globally in today’s world are having a profound effect on our bodies and our mind, that it’s creating no end of disease and hardship.

And that’s why I created First Aid for Stress, my programme to help people find clarity, truth, happiness, and indeed good health mentally and physically. And it’s also the reason I started Maga Therapy all those years ago, it was a way of being slightly different to other treatment providers because I was on my path and I do things my way and I do get results. 

I’m not going to offer up loads and loads of videos or podcast episodes which might overwhelm you, but I will point you to my YouTube channel, my website, my Facebook, and my Instagram page. There will be new content coming. And this content will contain the information that will help you break into better mental and physical health. 

This information is powerful, and much of it will be free. If you follow the advice contained within it, you will bring transformation in one way or another to your life. And if you find that you are struggling as a parent, as a mother, as a father, as a daughter, as a friend, if you are struggling and you want to be more conscious about life and wellbeing, then follow me, because all I know, and I’ve known since I was a very young girl, is that I am here to help people. And I’ve been doing that on a one-to-one basis for many, many years now.

But unfortunately, I can’t see enough people to make a swath of difference, and that’s why I’m launching the First Aid for Stress Programme to try and help as many people, both locally, nationally, and internationally. I think if we come together and recognize that we are in this together, we can create a change, we can create a better life for ourselves, other people and indeed our families. So if you are ready for transformation and healing start your journey now by checking out my free mini-series or taking the Stress Test.