Do you need First Aid for Stress... Read on to find out.

Firstly, we look at where you are right now, today, to identify your current mindset.

Then, we look for your negative or limiting beliefs – they must go. Those are the things blocking you, and your potential for growth and success.

Once you recognise your current mindset, you consider your life and how it currently looks. Then, you set small and more significant ‘improvement’ goals to work towards.

You’ll soon begin to recognise and own ‘the good, the true, the actual’ thoughts.

You soon begin to recognise and disown ‘the other; the lies and blocks which have prevented you from reaching your highest potential.

You’ll move away from harmful thoughts and reinforce the move from negative to positive.

You’ll learn to pave the way, to create a new set point for your mind—a level up.

You’ll see what stops you from standing in your power, your sovereignty, your strength your uniqueness.

You’ll learn and practice your strength of conviction. The power of NO. The power of boundaries.

You’ll upgrade your dealbreakers.

You’ll find clarity by answering unasked questions.

You ‘lllearn how to forgive and let go honourably, respectively, gracefully.

You’ll move on and up in life.

You’ll learn how nourish your body, nurture your mind, and feed your soul.

You’ll be able choose a new direction, new goals, and work towards them.

You’ll learn to ignore your mind-chatter, the off-putting, I can’t do that, I’m not sure.

What I realise is that self-evolution, overcoming the symptoms of stress, burnout and ME is never easy. Nor is erasing the negative mind-chatter that stops you / telling you that you can’t because….

It might be telling you that right now. If it is, that’s okay, it’s normal, natural. And I ask you to be strong. To ignore that negative belief, for I know that it is wrong.

You know, since 2008, I was full of negative self-talk that said, I was a fraud, I cannot talk, write or teach how to overcome stress. For I hadn’t.

I didn’t know enough. I was dyslexic, stupid, and lazy. I knew this to be true.


My report card told my parents. My peers knew how bad my writing and my spelling was. I remember that I had to show each and every one of them at primary school one day. 

In high school, my teachers knew I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t intelligent enough, I wasn’t putting enough effort in. I didn’t pay attention to what was being said. I was a slow learner, only good at sports. I wasn’t an academic. I failed exams, I had to repeat a year to ‘catch up’.  

Of course, I believed them. Why wouldn’t have I?

They were the experts, the adults whose job it was ‘to know’ to teach me skills I would rely on in later life.

Those opinions created layers of compelling negative mind-chatter that took nearly 40+years to break down and through. When I did, boy! It was a game-changer.

I’m curious. Did anyone teach you a simple formula that acted as a solution, the antidote for stress? If not, that’s what I’m offering to teach you, for this is not just first aid for stress, it’s an antidote that, once learned and applied, offers fast obvious results. 


First Aid For Stress is mindset recalibration.

First Aid For Stress accelerates your outcomes.

First Aid For Stress elevates your perspective.

First Aid For Stress exposes the lies.

First Aid For Stress puts you in control of the wheel.

First Aid For Stress heals all of you.


This is how thoughts work.

I’m walking past the bakery shop; I missed breakfast. An unconscious thought occurs. I see the food display… pasties, pastries, bread. My body tells me I am hungry.

My physiology starts.

My mouth waters as I pay attention to the food display.  Do I go in and purchase something, or do I continue walking down the street? 

I see a clothes shop window – bright colours, tactile fabrics, shapley… My mind pays attention –  I need new clothes (or do I?) My wardrobe at home is already full of shapely, brightly coloured clothes!

The truth.

We are often acting on a thought which has created a physiological response.  A thought, feeling, urge, a desire which is momentary and not real. 

The Problem.

Our ‘true’ innate core values and beliefs have been covered up. Conditioned. Since birth, we have been taught ‘everything I think and feel is real and act on it. On top of that ‘cover up’, we have been given societal values of being a good citizen, friend, companion, individual, collective. These, however, create a LOT of confusion, stress and desire to do or have something to feel better. In short, they create a form of addiction. In this case, I classify addiction as an inability to stop engaging in a behaviour that causes psychological or physical harm.

Is stress an addiction?

I believe so. The bottom line is that when you are operating from a place outside of your innate wisdom, you are in a place where your body is in natural alignment – you are stressed. And it’s that stress, those chemicals which drives your mind/ body to seek outside of itself for answers or ways to self-soothe.

What was ‘covered up’?

The ‘innate’ truth of human beings and the way we work.

The fact that our mind causes the sum of a human being experience of life (the ability to think), consciousness (our ability to bring our thinking to life using our awareness – body and senses), and thought (our thoughts from the past, other peoples thoughts, our thoughts about what we think at that moment about our environment) AND what we do about it – how we behave.

In today’s world, core beliefs are promoted as correct behaviour, how we see ourselves and perceive situations, relate to other people, and achieve successful relationships and life WITHOUT (including the above).

Once the innate truths are ignored, our life experience is very different and often from tension, overload, overdrive, pain, and lack of either (or both) mentally/ physically. And that’s what, as a human mechanic, I address every single day in my Maga Therapy First Aid for Stress Studio at Old Bakery Studio’s, Truro UK.

Are your core beliefs ‘innate truth’ or do they remain ‘your childhood conditioning’ ?

What follows are (what I believe) to be the basic core beliefs essential for every human being to know… let me know whether they are true for you or someone else you know!

  1. Your feelings are created by thought. Your thinking determines your feelings. Thoughts are just thoughts. Their emotional ‘flavour’ is added by your thinking (good/ bad, happy/ sad, stressed/ peaceful).
  2. You cannot control your thinking. Thoughts are an automatic mechanical function, in the same way that breathing, blinking your eye and digesting your food are – you get around 90,000 thoughts a day by the way!
  3. Your natural state (body/ mind) is neutral – peaceful, still, calm. If you are anything but this, your body/ mind is telling you that you’re stressed and believing something that is untrue.
  4. We are born with innate mental health – it’s our birth-right. It cannot be taken from us. Problems occur when our essential core beliefs are covered with beliefs that are created to make life easier.
  5. The truth (#4) is always the truth. Anything other than that is thought – always! Before thought is the voice of wisdom. That ‘voice in the head’ that is always there, always guiding you back to the fact that you are ok. 
  6. Thoughts are like clouds passing in the sky. You notice one and get embroiled in it. You are like the sky, before thoughts. Untouchable, endless, unshakeable. Not the clouds, or the weather. You simply are noticing the weather.
  7. The more understanding that you have of your body/ mind and how it works the less you experience anything less than neutrality. 

The bottom line.

If you are stressed, anxious, burned out, or need help to improve your life’s way and feel, you need to learn more. Taking a little time out of your life, doing things a little (or a lot) differently, creates massive change.

If you need help, don’t know quite what to do or where to start, head across to, and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Until then, take care.

Dawn Symons.

Human Mechanic. Maga Therapy. First Aid for Stress. Guru_gran