Accelerate is my 14-part micro-step video program, designed to inspire and create change and transformation across whole aspects of your life. To reduce stress and create balance in your life.

Accelerate is perfect for people who are:

  • Looking for a way to reduce stress or the cause of stress in minutes.
  • Looking to improve their life & well-being balance, fast
  • Feeling out of control
  • Honouring New Year resolutions
  • Turbo boosting progress on the First Aid for Stress Foundations coaching program
  • Starting again after a break-up
  • Or simply, those who want to feel happier and healthier!


It is my intention to radically raise your mindset, to set your intention, to learn something new, or, to relearn and reapply.

To find the things that are stopping you or holding you back.

I’m going to teach you emotional literacy and healthiness and how to use your brain as a problem-solving machine.

To create happiness and space in your life.

Together, we’ll raise your awareness, to notice things that are happening in your life – *things* that are unhelpful, automatic or things which you’ve never paid attention to or that you’ve avoided.

We’re going to bring them to the centre front of your mind, and we’re going to begin to improve or change them and put you on the right path.

We’re going to raise your awareness on how you play the game, that we call life.

We’ll consider your relationships, your environment, your body, your mind, your finances and so much more.

We’ll look at your mindset to see how is it impacting your life.

I know, that just like me, you’ll have a bunch of aha moments, which in itself can be sobering, but it’ll also be really good.

They help you forge ahead with the action steps, those are the very things that will give you success and change.


What you get

14 to-dos’ which act as * housework* designed to fast-track change, create more space in your life, promote healthier happier relationships AND (the best bit) most of the tasks take between 5 -15 minutes to implement.


Create Change Today!