Stress – Is your workplace a ticking time bomb?

Pre-Covid statistics indicated workplace stress was already at an epidemic level, I am calling for employers to step up and support their teams when it comes to mental health and well-being.

I am highly qualified and with a proven track record of success. I recently launched First Aid for Stress program which offers comprehensive support rather than a quick fix option that masks the problems.

Work-Related Stress Is NOT being Addressed Efficiently!

Did you know a statistic from Google search suggested that in 2019 a staggering 79% of employees in UK commonly experience work-related stress? This could be you or someone you know. My truth-bomb is that things could only have worsened given the challenges and traumas experienced by so many during this ongoing pandemic.

Poor mental health was already responsible for 72 million working days lost, costing businesses between £34.9 – £99 billion each year. (1) (2) and you know, shockingly, there is a less obvious ‘unaccounted’ and that’s YOU if you’re in a stressed, pre-burnout state. In that state, your productivity is poor, despite showing up daily and doing your best.

Worse still, we all know people who have been disciplined, demoted or lost their job due to mental health struggles.

Most of us feel the impact of Covid and lockdown is exacerbating previous stress levels and I know my program can help. I have parents and singletons who fear losing their job, have to work from home while juggling their family’s needs, or those who have to use food banks to provide the basics. And don’t get me started on the uncertainty around Covid, the vaccine, and those who fear losing everything.

We are in this together, you are NOT alone.

Horribly, 9% – 15% of workers experiencing poor mental health in the past have been disciplined, demotivated, or dismissed (3) so it’s no wonder you don’t want to fess up right?

It’s ok though, I’ve donned my superhero cape and I’m here to rescue me (and you)!

First Aid for Stress delivers is a complete solution that not only tackles the here and now, but also educates people and gives them the skills and tools to manage their emotions in the long term.

Using a combination of videos, audio, live bespoke workshops Dawn helps to get to the heart of the matter and by the end of the training, delegates feel more in control, better supported, and most importantly not alone in their situation.

Dawn says “In real-time, I am seeing all ages of people some who are coping, others who are struggling at work, it is clear to me is that the employees who feel well-supported by their line managers are better able to deal with the pressure and make progress, and that is exactly what First Aid for Stress offers.”

To find out how I can help your employees using my focused based program email me


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