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Eradicate stress from your life. Get your stress score in minutes. Stress is something which everyone deals with in one way or another, it is a part of life.

But when stress becomes chronic, stress can effect our mental & physical health.  If you are here looking for solutions to cure your chronic fatigue, burnout & ME, you may not have made the connection between your level of stress & the level of exhausation you are feeling.  Similarly, if you are here looking for relief from stress, have you ever made the connection between the level of stress you are experiencing and the level of energy you have on a day to basis? 

During my healing journey I found the two were very much linked.   If you want to recover from stress, bunout, chronic fatigue or ME, the first step of every healing journey is to figure out where you are now.  The stress test is the first step on that journey.  Complete the stress test by answering 10 questions and get your instant stress score and interpretation.

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“I was born to ‘help people’. So I am grateful to be able to do this through delivering the First Aid For Stress programs. Having studied psychology, sociology, human biology, nursing and counselling.

I have lectured and written widely, specialising in tension & stress reduction irrespective of the cause, applying the latest scientific thinking to provide logical, effective & progressive results.” – Dawn Symons


Stress Test FAQ

What Is The Stress Test?

One of the most widely used stress tests is the Perceived Stress Scale which is a simple 10 question stress test.  The Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) is a classic stress assessment instrument. The tool, while originally developed in 1983, remains a popular choice for helping us understand how different situations affect our feelings and our perceived stress.

How Do I Take The Stress Test?

The questions in the scale ask about your feelings and thoughts during the last month. In each case, you will be asked to indicate how often you felt or thought a certain way. 

The best approach is to answer each question fairly quickly. Don’t try to recall the number of times you felt a particular way; rather indicate that which seems to be a reasonable estimate. Click through and try the test.

How Will I Get My Stress Test Score?

You will get your stress test score instantly after completing the 10 question short questionnaire.

How Do I Interpret My Stress Score?

A short interpretation will be provided on screen to help you understand your score and what it means. It is really important to remember that this scale is simply a tool to help guide you towards better understanding your situation as well as some options about how you can better manage your stress. 

What Should I do After Getting My Stress Score?

After completing the stress test you will also receive the First Aid For Stress 6 part mini course, which includes techniques & tools you can use to start taking control of your mental health & wellbeing, and reduce stress. The First Aid For Stress mini course includes a profoundly relaxing recording which Dawn Symmons, Therapist from Maga Therapy based in Truro Cornwall, and creator of the First Aid For Stress Programs uses in her studio to relax the body and mind.

Who Is The First Aid For Stress Mini Course For?

The First Aid for Stress mini course can help you to improve the quality of your life. Particularly if you experience high levels of stress, depression, post viral chronic fatigue, burnout or M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), OR, if you simply wish for a happier life experience.

How Can I Access Additional Support For My Stress?

If you would like additional support you can book in for a free 20 minute clarity call with Dawn Symmons HERE.  Read more about Dawn here, and read more about the First Aid For Stress programs here. 

Disclaimer: The scores on the following self-assessment do not reflect any particular diagnosis or course of treatment.  They are meant as a tool to help assess your level of stress.