First Aid for Stress was designed to create a happier, healthier you!

Living with Chronic Stress and or Anxiety (longer than six weeks), Chronic Fatigue or Long Covid, the effects can become overwhelming.

Society has us believing that Stress is normal -it is not -yet many of us experience  stress & overwhelm daily.

As the world changes around us, stress becomes more of a problem. Prices are increasing, families are struggling, and stress is becoming a “normal” part of life. For those suffering from a chronic illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.) or Long Covid, keeping up with day-to-day life becomes even more challenging.

Dawn has already travelled down your path and is confident that with the right support, you can learn to manage the symptoms that come with life-Stress, Anxiety, C.F.S. & long Covid and step into a healthier, happier version of yourself.

The cycle of stress can break with you. Learn how to become a happier, healthier version of yourself!

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In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

Life. You’re probably dealing with a lot right now...

 You’re wondering what to do, what will help.

There are many options, from counselling to anti-anxiety/ anti-depression prescriptions, but do they address the source of the problem fast enough? And if they do, then what next? Of course, the original ‘problem’ is still the problem. So let’s tackle this together!

From financial worries to sleepless nights. Dealing with day-to-day problems or routines, work, relationships, and life is increasingly stressful. Are you dealing with several stressful situations at once? For example:

Start your recovery here
using our stress test & 6-part mini series

From financial worries to sleepless nights...


You are a slave to your negative thoughts. You are experiencing long-term worry and chaos. You are unhappy, experiencing complicated relationships, personally, professionally or both. As a result, you occasionally/ regularly experience anxiety (attacks) and/or a low mood.


Are you struggling with stress in your relationships? Perhaps you have ended up attracting toxic or emotionally unavailable partners OR struggle to hold boundaries with friends, colleagues or family members. Understanding and enforcing boundaries is essential.


People pleasing can become a dangerous habit that, guess what – leaves you stressed and disappointed. Are you saying yes to avoid conflicts? Do you need to stop putting the needs of everyone else before yours? Self-care is a top priority.


Addictions come in many forms, from ditching cigarettes to staying off social media. Perhaps you use these “tools” as comfort and reassurance during stressful times. But, unfortunately, it’s not a long-term fix.


Are you feeling under pressure with tight deadlines? Do you feel overwhelmed working from home and can’t switch off? Perhaps you are even looking after a family too. It needs to be addressed.


Stress can lead to long-term problems, e.g. difficulty falling asleep, insomnia and waking early. Whether you are counting sheep, suffering from nocturnal panic attacks or can’t switch off your thoughts, First Aid For Stress (FAFS) can help.

The First Aid For Stress program is not about perfection.

You will get a clear understanding of how your body & mind work and how to forge healing and transformation whilst improving your health and well-being over time.

All coaching programs are live, and Dawn ensures you know precisely how to apply the material to your specific circumstances.

You will not be left to work out how to use this information on your own.

This is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for:


Feeling empowered as an individual, gaining strength.


No quick fix solution, fully dedicated to doing the work


Methods grounded in science and tested in reality


Long term change that will serve you in the future


Educating the mind, body and spirit to find peace.


Forgiving and realistic, accepting of bumps in the road


Teaching techniques to build on, not promising answers


A place to share your journey, motivate yourself and others AND, celebrate your wins!

Break the cycle of stress

Much of what we know now about stress is very new, which means that generations gone did not have access to the same information. Our parents and grandparents had ways to deal with stress, and if they did not deal with it healthily, this could impact subsequent generations. We can now empower ourselves to break the cycle of unhealthy stress. We must learn to manage our stress & also find healthy ways to communicate, set boundaries and deal with the other people in our lives healthily.

What makes the First Aid For Stress program different from the rest?

One core aspect of this program is the domino effect from stress, to; fatigue, burnout, chronic fatigue, Long Covid & ME. 

 First Aid For Stress program is a blu-print, of how your body, mind & spirit works. The aim is to empower YOU with the knowledge that you need to recover.

Anyone can apply the First Aid For Stress program. So whether you are a parent looking for advice about how to help your child or need to use the tools in your own life, this program will fit you.


What you’ll get with First Aid For Stress Online Coaching

Mental & Emotional Health + Wellbeing

Together we grow resilience and fortitude


Together we create new ways of behaviour and self-love


Together we regain control and flourish

Relaxation & Fun

Together we consider and implement activities which enrich a our life and bring some humour

Physical Health + Wellbeing

Together we get stronger and fitter

Spiritual Purpose & Peace

Together we experience stillness and recognise absolute truths

Food & Nutrition

Together we learn what to add to our body to get maximum benefit


Together we reduce toxic elements in our life

Designed and developed with love by your coach Dawn Symons

Hi! I’m Dawn, the writer, thinker and coach behind the First Aid For Stress. Over the past three decades, I’ve worked with people of all ages to reduce their physical or emotional tension, pain, fatigue and fears.

I’ve been a student nurse, coach, masseuse and multi-disciplined holistic practitioner. But now I prefer the term multi-dimensional healer as my therapy combines the best of all my studies!

Throughout my career, I’ve made it my personal goal to help people in their most difficult moments. To me, it’s not just a job, it’s what I was born to do.

Let’s work together! You can choose to...

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