First Aid for Stress was designed to create a happier, healthier you!

Your health and well-being journey starts here!

Empower yourself with the knowledge you need to heal yourself from chronic stress, burnout & fatigue.  

My programme,  First Aid for Stress, can help you make the changes that you need to change your life for the better.  

I take a no nonsense approach to transformation and healing and I know what it takes to truly transform for the better having gone through the same journey myself. 

This is the recovery plan that I needed, but wasn’t avaliable, as I recovered and regained my life from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E.

I wrote it for me, and I share it with you.


Free 6-part mini course to start your healing journey

The first step of every healing journey is to figure out where you are now.  So, I have put together a short questionnaire based on a well documented & tested scale which tests your level of stress.

Taking the stress test and getting your score is the first step of the First Aid For Stress Journey.

Once I have your score I can recommend the right First Aid For Stress program based on your level of stress PLUS you will recieve my 6-part mini series to help regain peace of mind. 

Stress & Chronic Fatigue, Burnout & ME

Stress is something which everyone deals with in one way or another, it is a part of life. But when it becomes chronic, stress can effect our mental & physical health. 

If you are here looking for solutions to cure your chronic fatigue, burnout & ME, you may not have made the connection between your level of stress & the level of exhausation you are feeling.  Similarly, if you are here looking for relief from stress, have you ever made the connection between the level of stress you are experiencing and the level of energy you have on a day to basis? During my healing journey I found the two were very much linked. 

A big part of my program is educating you on the spectrum of stress – how stress is a link between stress & the symptoms of chronic fatigue, burnout & ME.   

First Aid For Stress is not a technique, it's not mindfulness & its not counselling

First Aid For Stress is a simple yet profound explanation about how your body works.  A blueprint to activate change. I know it will emotionally detox your DNA, relieve physical symptoms of discomfort and pain and bring more joy to your life.

It all started with my own recovery from stress, burnout and M.E.  During my recovery I wrote my first book, it’s all about ME and have expanded this information to cover everything you need to know to heal. First Aid For Stress is a 9 set series of workbooks and videos which is like coming back to school to learn about your body, mind and sprit.

First Aid For Stress Blueprint

Will you take the red or the blue pill?

If we were in a movie right now it would be the matrix where morpheus offers neo two pills, the red one so he can understand his enemy and live in peace or the blue one which means he can continue to be a slave and choose obliviousness over freedom.  I am offering you the same two pills right now.

At the beginning of my healing journey, I didnt know any of this information, I offered myself two pills and I took the red one, and boy it’s been a journey. 

I had no idea how my body and mind really worked how stress really impacted me, for no-one had showed me, they couldn’t because no-one had shown them, and that’s why I’m here today, this is your red pill moment. 

I am here to teach, motivate and inspire you because I’m a change activator, I spread the truth about how the body and mind work to free others from their physical and emotional stress, Im going to teach you how your system works and with this information you will have the power to heal yourself from chronic fatigue, stress, burnout & ME.

How to access the First Aid For Stress blueprint

Foundation Program - Modules 1 - 4

If you are not ready for the full program, the foundation program is the place to start.  In this program I teach you modules 1 – 4 of the First Aid For Stress Blueprint. You’ll come away with the essential information you need to start healing from chronic fatigue, stress, burnout & ME.   This program is delivered as a group coaching program which you can attend live or via Zoom.  Learn more

Project Pheonix - Modules 1 - 8

Project Phenoix is my signiture program which covers all 8 modules.  If you are fully commited to transforming your symptoms and becoming a healtheir, happier version of you, project pheonix is for you. This program is delivered as a group coaching program which you can attend live or via Zoom. Learn more. 

Not sure which program you need?
Take The Stress Test


I believe the First Aid For Stress online program will work for you. It’s what I needed to ‘learn and do’ to change my life and create a new perspective. If my programme doesn’t deliver what you expected, get in touch to chat, if you’re still disappointed I’ll give your money back. Simple as that!