Health Coach for Body and Mind – Dawn Symons


How I became a health coach so that I can help my clients transform mentally and physically in the most powerful way.  I’m here to talk to you about my healing journey which also became my profession as a health coach, massage therapist and reiki healer. Back in the 1980s, I studied psychology and I […]

The Symptoms of Stress (Physical & Emotional)- How Stressed Are You?


The Symptoms Of Stress Summary What Is Stress Common Symptoms Of Stress Physical Symptoms Of Stress Emotional Symptoms Of Stress Different Types Of Stress Acute / Chronic  Adverse Childhood Experiences Chronic Unpredictable Trauma & Stress  The Development Of Stress What is Stress? Despite stress being a commonly used word which describes feeling unwell or under […]

Morning routine for sucess

create a sucessful morning routine

Image Source: Flickr ‍ Our days don’t stop when we hit the bed. In fact, our days continue long after we’ve finally closed our eyes. Whether you’re a night owl or a lark, you probably know how central a defined morning routine can be to getting your day off to the right start. The secret […]

14 Foods to reduce stress, anxiety and depression

what to eat when stressed

When you’re stressed or anxious, it can be difficult to think about anything other than your current predicament. And while it might not always seem that way, the stress you experience directly impacts your physical and mental health. Chronic stress can have an adverse effect on your emotional well-being and even trigger anxiety attacks if […]

How Thought Works – Update Your Core Beliefs!

This is how thoughts work. I’m walking past the bakery shop; I missed breakfast. An unconscious thought occurs. I see the food display… pasties, pastries, bread. My body tells me I am hungry. My physiology starts. My mouth waters as I pay attention to the food display.  Do I go in and purchase something, or […]

Stress – Is your workplace a ticking time bomb?

Pre-Covid statistics indicated workplace stress was already at an epidemic level, I am calling for employers to step up and support their teams when it comes to mental health and well-being. I am highly qualified and with a proven track record of success. I recently launched First Aid for Stress program which offers comprehensive support […]